Casual VtES Play at Fat Cat Books

I am announcing the beginning of a trial period of VtES play at Fat Cat.
It's trial because I need to convince the wonderful folk at Fat Cat that there is a viable VtES player base in the area.

Once we've done this, and after they've moved, we are going to start doing sanctioned tournaments here in Binghamton once again (of course we can do these at other locals sooner if we get the interest built up), and Fat Cat will begin stocking new cards.

If there is still some form of vested interest in playing this game in Binghamton, make yourself heard in the coming weeks to the yahoo vtes mailing list (of which I subscribe). Tell us your nights of availability and times (and see the Fat Cat's store hours below, and keep in mind typical play time should be at least 2 hours, if not 3 or 4).


Fat Cat Books
15 Avenue B Johnson City, NY 13790
Wednesday: 10AM-8PM
Thursday: 12PM-8PM
Friday: 12PM-8PM
Saturday: 10AM-8PM


419 Operation: Ithaca!

7:00PM - 1:00AM
Organized Card Game - V:TES - Constructed

Goldwyn Smith Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca NY United States

Fee: Free!
2R+F standard constructed.


Sanctioned Constructed Game Friday

Jupiter Games.
3701 Vestal Pkwy E
Vestal, NY 13850-2397
(607) 729-5910

We're going to try starting officially at 6PM, for those of you who get out of work at 5.
Please know/bring your VKEN ID written down along with your name and if possible a decklist for what you'll be playing. Decklist would just be nice, but the VKEN ID and name would help me out a lot for reporting after we're done playing. If you don't know your VKEN ID you can look it up here: http://www.white-wolf.com/vtes/search.php, if however, you don't have a VKEN ID, we can register you at the store, but if that's your plan please show up BEFORE 6, like at 5:30 or something. Or I will have you taken out back and beaten.


Akunanse Red List

Crypt: 12

Matata x3

Uchenna x2

Nkule Galadima x2

Amavi x2

Kamiri wa Itherero x1

Kamiri wa Itherero (Upgrade) x2

Library: 90

Combat: 36

Devil Channel: Hands x9

Carrion Crows x12

Hidden Strength/Indomitability x6

Unflinching Persistence x3

Rolling with the Punches x6

Master: 16

Fortschritt Library x1

The Rack x1

Giant's Blood x1

Mapatano Utando x1

Trophy: Hunting Ground x1

Trophy: Retainers x1

Trophy: Clan Respect x1

Trophy: Revered x1

Trophy: Domain x1

Trophy: Library x1

Elder Library x1

Leadership Vacuum x1

Tension in the Ranks x1

Fame x1

Depravity x1

Protected Resources x1

Reaction: 9

Predator’s Communion x3

Familial Bond x3

Sense the Savage Way x3

Action: 13

Red List x9

Big Game x3

Wise Spider x1

Action Modifiers: 6

Freak Drive x3

Predator’s Transformation x3

Gehenna: 6

Fueled by the Heart’s Blood x1

Thirst x1

Restricted Vitae x1

NSA Trio x1

Urban Jungle x1

Anthelios, the Red Star x1

Retainers/Allies: 4

Elephant Guardian x1

Duma Rafiki x1

Jackie Therman x1

Procurer x1


Here we have a deck I've been working on for quite a while. It seemed to me that some of the "destined" purposes of the Akunanse were all about burning minions either in combat or via diablere of some sort. Then it occured to me that I really never made a Red List deck before, though the trophies always intrigued me. Rather, it seemed interesting because it's basically playing a few games at once, firstly to stay alive and perhaps take out your opponent, but also to Red List and burn minions while gaining trophies in the process. Anyways, here's a couple of ideas that went into this. This is the latest edition, partially inspired by the Lasombra's Red List deck.

Firstly, Gehenna Events: Fueled by the Heart's Blood combos nicely with Kamiri wa Itherero (10 cap) and the five other Gehenna cards in play. Also between Kamiri, Thirst, Restricted Vitae, smaller vampires are going to wish they were never born. Thirst + Restricted Vitae + Kamiri. Thirst burns blood off of smaller minions (capacity less than the number of Gehenna cards in play) who did not hunt in that minion phase and with Restricted Vitae Supply in play Vampires cannot hunt unless forced too, and even if they can, they have to steal it off of other minions as a (D) actions. This doesn't really matter unless you have like six Gehenna cards in play, but if you do...Kamiri (upgrade) would be an instant torpor delivery system for these poor bastards with his ability to deal 2 damage to minions as a (D) action, because chances are, if this scenario ever rises, smaller vampires will be in-stealing, stealing from larger minions controlled by the same Methesula. God bless them however if they attempt to come at your Familial Bond wielding Akunanse to sate their hunger. NSA Trio is a no brainer if you're looking for Gehenna cards to run in an Akunanse bruise deck, seeing as how Combat Ends is a weakness for them. Unfortunately it only solves this problem if someone was blocked, and only on the first round. But it's still better than nothing. Anthelios, the Red Star--aside from being another Gehenna Cards to bolster your Thirst/Fueled by the Heart's Blood-could possibly allow you to recycle your Fame if something should happen to that poor celebrity that's landed in torpor. Urban Jungle: it's like Fueled by the Heart's Blood Lite. Gives anyone who has committed diablere 2 extra votes against the Blood Hunt referendum when/if it is called. It may be all this deck would need to start eating people if Nkule Galadima is out (2 votes (Magaji) and can burn the edge for 3 votes instead of the usual 1).

Retainers: Duma Rafiki/Jacki Therman/ Elephant Guardian. Jacki Therman, I thought I'd never draft you in a deck. But with Trophy: Retainers, you make more sense than running IR Goggles for that permanent manuever, which helps nuetralize gun and flee decks with big Celerity. Get in close, Use the Duma Rafiki to make sure that that Sniper Rifle that's been bothering the piss out of you is no longer an issue (you'll have to wait until Round 2 if they blocked you, and hopefully they won't play Combat Ends on Round 2...I wish Immortal Grapple was a non-discipline card). And of course if you can manage to keep it close, there's also the damage from Elephant Guardian.

Reaction: Once the vamps are in torpor, it's a hop skip and a jump with Depravity/Predator's Transformation into making them go by by.

Combat: In case you didn't know, this deck's combat module runs on pressing and carrion crows. Carrion Crows is amazing, mostly because it's not a strike, short of Soak effects, it's hard to get around, because neither maneuvering nor dodging can escape it, and it's 2 every round, until that vampire is good and low, and then BAM, Devil Channel: Hands for the coupe de grace. Hopefully they were Red Listed first. Having this said, Matata is the star of the combat show, and that's why there's 3 in the crypt. He has 2 hand damage and an optional press every combat. He's just what the doctor ordered, because he can easily (with Hidden Strength/Devil Channel Hands) pull of 4 rounds with carrion crows (8 damage) and if he actually hits with his hands another 8 damage, and if you play your cards right, on the third round you'll drop a Devil Channel Hands and because normal damage resolves before aggravated, the carrion crows + 2 aggravated should send the largest of vampires to hell. Assuming that is you've kept Matata around through the duration with damage prevention. Unflinching persistence, one of my favorite combat cards. It's good for when they've got like 5 maneuvers in a single combat and you can't outlast them alone with presses (as range resets to close each new round unless it's been set to long for the entire combat...ewww...), you can just manuever to close and say "Gotchya bitch!"

Master: Mapatano Utando/Protected Resources. Permanent bleed reduction is almost as good as having the edge, if you're downwind if a stealth bleed deck and aren't packing bounce. Combine that with Protected Resources, which reduces the largest possible amount you can be bled for to 2, and you're all of a sudden much more viable for the long haul. Of course Protected Resources requires you to not bleed while it's in play or it goes away, but that shouldn't be a huge issue for at least a little while...because this is not first and foremost, a bleed deck. Fortschritt Library helps me pull out Fueled by the Heart's Blood as well, or the next best thing if I've already run into it. Tension in the Ranks/Fame/Leadership Vacuum: go forward power. Yes, that's right, I'd like to do more than just burn minions.

Trophy: Hunting Ground/Procurer/The Rack. Self explanatory. Keeps your minions alive longer than they would otherwise be. Also, use Familial Bonds to protected The Rack.

Let me know if I missed anything or if there's better choices out there than what I've chosen! Hopefully I can test out this build Wednesday or Friday this upcoming week and post the results here!


Akunanse bruise/bleed

I haven't worked out the particulars, but here are some rough ideas:

Combat: Poison glands/Drawing Out the Beast/Predator's Transformation
Master: Orun
Allie/Action: Tunnel Runner/Army of Rats

Predator's Communion/Familial Bond/Instinctive Reaction/Keep It Simple/Mapatano Utando: Predator's Communion is almost broken, you have a free +1 Intercept at basic Abombwe and a free untap at superior. Combine this with Familial Bond and Instictive Reaction to increase your intercept, if they still manage to stealth by, you then reduce the bleed by as much as 4 with Keep it Simple/Mapatano, and then you have the option of tearing their ass up with Familial Bond (if of course, they chose to continue the action).

Edit: On second thought, if your predator cancels the action, you then have a wasted Instinctive Reaction/Keep it Simple combo stagnating your hand. You might be able to pull this combo off once, but your prey should learn quickly (hopefully) and not repeat the blunder. It makes more sense, as Kaiser pointed out, to remove the Keep it Simples and possible the Instinctive Reactions as well, and focus on getting into combat and removing the vampire who just bled you from existence. Of course rock the Archon Investigations. This will keep people honest.

Action Modifiers: Predator's Mastery/Dawn Operation/Devil Channel: Throat

Equipment: Reliquary: Akunanse Remains


Another Praxis Seizure: Binghamton

We're moving the Friday Tournaments at Jupiter from 2pm to 5pm, to make it easier for more people to show up. This week (Friday, May 15) we'll be doing a $3 entry with V:tes booster prizes from the Jupiter. Feel free to call the shop if you are going to be a bit later than five but would still like to participate. You can also leave a message here.

Of course I'll be at the shop far before 5, hopefully showing newbies the ropes and getting things arranged, or otherwise fiddling with cards and decks. Also, this Wednesday (tomorrow night) a few vampire players will assemble at Jupiter just for fun, so feel free to show up; the more the merrier! We're usually there on Wednesdays between 4pm and 5pm, till the shop closes at 9pm.


April 17th Results

First thing that happens is that John realizes this rule as James points it out to him, when John tries to play a KRC and a Banishment by Count Germain (A) in the same turn:
A minion cannot perform more than one political action each turn.
Ethan Beers's group 2 Daughters of Cacaphony took out John's Brujah deck first, pulling off 4 KRCs, returning one with an Echo of Harmonies and making that 5 KRCs, each with 3 pool on John, and finished him off with a total of 5 mini bleeds for 1 with his daughters. James also put Tara into Torpor from combat. John took James's anti Nosforatu deck down to four before John was ousted and James rallied back up to 7 pool.
At this point Adam's Toreador deck is sitting at 2 pool with 5 votes sitting, with Raphael the Inner Circle member out. Between James and Adam is Judson Robinson's Malkavian deck.
Jud's Malkavians with the help of Lutz von Hohenzollern runs over Adams Toreadors, and then James's Nosforatu run over Judson's Malkavians.

At this point it's down to James versus Ethan, each with a victory point.
James has 4 pool.
Ethan has 12 pool.
James bleeds Ethan for 1 pool with two vampires, knocking him down to 10 pool.
Ethan on his next turn Minion Taps a vamp for 2 pool, and with that same vampire Ethan rescues one of his two vamps from Torpor. This newly rescued vampire attempts to hunt, with an extra stealth, but is blocked by one of James's Nosforatu and knocks this vampire back to torpor. Now it's down to Nosforatus Bum Rushing Ethans Daughters of Cacophony. James Governs the Unaligned and bleeds Ethan down to 7 pool. Now James is at 6 pool but has an army of 7 healthy and scary Nosforatu and is looking in great shape to take the game, with Ethan left with only 1 pool more and a single anemic Daughter of Cacophony in play. Geal Pilet calls a KRC, which fails at 4 vs. 4 votes. Ethan passes turn after discarding a Voter Captivation. Next turn James puts Ethan's last Daughter in torpor and begins the process of bleeding Ethan's last pool away with two Govern the Unaligned's and a basic bleed for 1, ending the game with Ethan and Judson sharing second place and James taking the Game Win with 3 Victory Point.